Offer and Compromise

We also represent taxpayers in offer and compromise cases. We prepare all the necessary forms to file with the IRS and maintain contact with IRS officials throughout the entire process until a decision is reached or plan is agreed upon.

Briefly, an offer and compromise is a process available to taxpayers, under Sec. 7122, who owe are delinquent in paying taxes to he IRS and are unable to fully pay them off because of financial reasons. The IRS, under certain circumstances, will allow taxpayers to submit smaller periodic payments to satisfy their tax liability. There are only two grounds for such compromises -- "doubt as to liability" and "doubt as to collectibility."

If you are in a situation where you have accumulated tax liability that you cannot pay and are constantly being threatened by leins and levy's, please contact us to see if you have a chance to successfully agree to lesser and periodic payments of your tax liability.

Offers in Compromise Policies